Research Funding


Title: Speed of Sound of Liquid Metals to Enable Data-Driven Additive Manufacturing

Duration: 11/2021-11/2023

PI: Elizabeth Rasmussen

Type: National Research Council (NRC) Research Assistant Program (RAP) Proposal

Amount: $235,000



Title: Creation of Open-Source Software for Rapid Material Decomposition Analysis Using Raman Spectroscopy

Duration: 01/2020-06/2020

PI: Elizabeth Rasmussen

Type: NSF Data Science Accelerator Proposal

Amount: $80,000



Title: Rapid Heat and Mass Transfer by Novel Mixing Design for Supercritical Fluid Reactors

Duration: 01/2020-04/2020

PI: Elizabeth Rasmussen, Courtney Otani

Type: Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship Prototype Funding Proposal

Amount: $10,000



Title: High-Fidelity Simulations for Optimized Heat and Mass Transfer within Continuous Flow Metal-Organic Framework Material Synthesis Reactor 

Duration: 06/2019-12/2019

PI: Elizabeth Rasmussen, Courtney Otani

Type: User Proposal for UW Hyak Supercomputer

Amount: $7,000



Title: Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Reactor for Sustainable Synthesis of Metal-Organic Frameworks

Duration: 08/2018-06/2019

PI: Elizabeth Rasmussen

Type: Clean Energy Institute Graduate Research Proposal

Amount: $95,000



Title: High Reliable Liquid Cooling Pump for Efficient Building Cooling in Data Centers

Duration: 02/2018-07/2018

PI: Elizabeth Rasmussen

Type: ASHRAE Region 9 Engineering Efficient Buildings Capstone Proposal

Amount: $10,000



Title: Multiphysics Simulation of Direct Liquid-to-Chip Cooling of High Heat Semiconductors

Duration: 06/2017-06/2018

PI: Elizabeth Rasmussen

Type: User Proposal for UW Hyak Supercomputer

Amount: $5,000